Resident Support Department

Athens Housing Authority
Resident Support Department

Ms. Tammy Grier, Director
Ms. Lora Thompson, Coordinator

The Resident Support Department’s ultimate goal is to provide resource opportunities that encourage and sustain independence for families to become more successful.  The following principles support this goal.
  • Encourage families to be strong family units and community members with respect and concern for others.
  • Empower families to make good decisions and take responsibility for their decisions/actions.
  • Engage families to support their overall well-being and create positive interactions with AHA staff and other agencies/organizations.

Resident Support staff continues to work with AHA families, AHA staff, and other agencies/organizations to provide programs and services that support the growth of all family members. 
  • Leadership Training and Guidance –  Residents can strive to serve in a leadership role on the Inter-Community Council, Inc. (ICC), a resident-managed non-profit corporation.
  • Property Group Informational Meetings – Are held to get important information to our families and receive their input.
  • Dolly Parton Imagination Library – AHA children, birth to five, receive monthly free books to inspire a love of reading.
  • Active Parenting Training – To support and prepare families through every stage, every step in a child’s growth and development.     
  • Money Matters – To provide financial management support to AHA families.
  • Family Engagement – To provide family activities such as Wee Read, Books for Keeps, and Family Fun Nights.

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Contact Information
For more information, please contact the Resident Support Department at (706) 425-5300.