Serving Our Customers
Our approach to providing housing means we offer a variety of programs and services to aid our 1,134 families  while preserving well maintained multi-family housing and affordably- priced rents. Children and youth have access to computer labs, after-school tutoring, and, leadership development programs. Adults may participate in money management, GED, and job skills assessment classes as well as the Inter-Community Council, a resident-run organization.

We also realize that many of Athens-Clarke families, once they reach their educational, work and personal goals, want to stabilize their housing by purchasing a home.  With that in mind, the Athens Housing Authority developed the ACT I Homes program to promote first-time homeownership.  Through ACT I Homes, moderate-income families are now able to purchase a home of their own.

We understand the need for affordable housing choices because that’s the work we do every day in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia.