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Street Address

300 S. Rocksprings St.
Athens GA 30606

A staff of 43 cares for the day-to-day concerns of the Athens Housing Authority. Our employees have experience in property and construction management, grants administration, fiscal management, and social services counseling.

Chief Executive Officer  Connie Staudinger
Chief Real Estate Officer  Charlie Gluodenis
Chief Financial Officer  Jane W. Smith
Chief Operating Officer  Trey McElveen
Director of Resident Support  Tammy Grier
Admissions and Compliance Manager  Tammy Bradshaw
Housing Managers
Group A: Parkview & Parkview Ext., Denney Tower, & Nellie B  Lakitta Brown
Group B: Broadacres, Rocksprings, Scattered West Sites, Scattered East Sites, Bonnie Lane, Towne View, & Comer  Kim Johnson